Quiz Rules and Ladder:

Enter our friday quizz and get the chance to win all these amazing rewards:



Play our quizz every friday and get crowned as Demo Stage Gaming Quizz wizzard, and win special badge to show off your friends on quizz ladder!

Winner of first anual Demo Stage gaming quizz that will be announced at end of the month (18.10) will recieve a giftcard.

The grand Champion will also recive a chance to create his own custom nickname that will be put into Demo Stage Hall of fame. If you want a chance to create your own custom nickname check quizz rules down bellow.

Demo Stage Friday (Gaming) Quiz Rules:

1. Cheating isn't allowed.

2. You are only permitted to use 1 nick per contestant. (Required)

3. Champions will be announced monthly.

4. Champions will receive a special Demo Stage "Demo Wizz Badge", custom nickname, and a gift card.

5. Your nicks will be the same as on Instagram, but if you want to use a custom nickname you need to subscribe to one of our newsletters and send us a nickname change request. (FREE)

6. Participation in the Quiz is absolutely free and anyone who answers Instagram questions will be automatically listed on our ladder.

7. If by the end of the month we have a couple of contestants with the same score, there will be a Champions tournament that will decide the ultimate champion.

8. Registering to Demo Stage Website will get you special badges and rewards. (Optional)

9. The quiz is created purely for fun and recreational purposes and is mostly based on Gaming knowledge.

10. The quiz will be held on Demo_Stage (Instagram) stories every Friday.

Demo Stage Gaming Quiz Ladder