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We are a group of friends and associates who are very passionate about gaming culture and PC hardware in general. We upload content on YouTube, stream on Twitch, and we generally want our viewers to have a good time. Over the past year, we’ve been working hard on all of our platforms in order to bring you the quality content that you deserve.


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For business inquiries such as advertisements, contact us at demostage.corp@gmail.com

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Meet The Team


Andreas Kvesić


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Croatian gaming fanatic with questionable programming skills, loves big white lines of soccer pitches. Enjoys web design and long walks on the beach.

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Marin Bašić

Vice President

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The self-proclaimed know-it-all, also a PC enthusiast who likes to tinker with hardware and software. Furthermore, I write articles, create content and manage other important aspects of the corporation. If your PC is giving you a headache or you are having some technical difficulties, I am the guy to call!


James Doe

Executive Editor and


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Don't mind me, I'm just passing by...